SEP 30. EU’s inflation still over 10%…

3 min readOct 1, 2022
Because of hurricane Ian… never forget that car…

The end of Sep and the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022. It was another shocking day.

Russia is losing in the battle grounds of Ukraine but they suddenly claimed the victory and annexed 4 provinces of Ukraine lands.

EU’s inflation rate in Sep was another shocking number. US and Europeans are still in the heavy inflations.

Stock markets reacted quickly.

EU’s Inflation rate was over 10% in Sep, well over the expectations and it was 9.1% in Aug.

19 European countries are all struggling heavily still. Energy prices jumped up 41% from year ago and the food prices were up 13%.

ECB would have enough reasons why they need to raise the rate again.

US FED would like to use these numbers as another evidences why they need to keep raising the rate.

US Stock market downed once more today. DJ Index was downed by 0.7%, S&P Index was downed by 0.4% and NASDAQ was downed by 0.2%.

Apple lost another 1.9% today and MS was downed by 0.9%, Amazon was downed by 0.4% and Tesla was downed by 0.4%… Apple’s loss is becoming huge now.

US Dollar Index stayed at 112 points regions again. British, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans were protecting their currency value against the US dollar whole week, spending enormous amount of the money.

That was the only reason why US Dollar didn’t go up a lot this week.

US Dollar Index fell 0.07% today, ending at 112.17 points.

Still, the very high end of the chart in 22 years.


Crude oil prices were downed again but it was in the very choppy mode.




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