SEP 29. US Government shut down?

4 min readSep 30

As we’ve talked about the market yesterday, today, we’ve same theme. Literarily, today was the real end of the quarter day and it moved as it supposed to be. Profit taking or Rebalancing the positions, whatever you named, it happened and ended the quarter. As mentioned yesterday, new month and the last quarter will be started next Monday.

By the way, China will be in GOLDEN HOLIDAY WEEK, starting Oct 1st ending on Oct 8th. And US Republicans rejected their own budget bill today, and it means US Federal government will be shut down starting tomorrow until US congress pass the budget.

Adding this two news, next week will be the global power vacuumed days. It’ll be interesting how the markets would react on this emptiness.

US stock market was a kind of mixed ending today but a bit of more the weaker tones. DJ Index was downed 0.6%, S&P 500 Index was downed 0.4% NASDAQ Index was up 0.1% to end the week and the quarter. Apple was up 0.3%, Amazon was up 0.9%, MS was up 0.7% and Tesla was up 1.6% today. Today, it was another bottom picking day for the famed stocks.

All three main indexes lost big numbers this week but still gained in annual base. But next week will be different. Markets will more focus on the real numbers.

For example, NIKE, their stock price was up 11% this week because they reduced huge inventories, and set up the more consumer-based pricing strategy, farther away from those sneaker nurds.

Apple was up 0.3%, Amazon was up 0.9%, MS was up 0.7% and Tesla was up 1.6%.

US dollar index was downed today, by 0.05%, ended at 106.09 points. However, US dollar values has been up 3.1% in this quarter alone and reached 10 months high this week. Japanese Yen was downed by 0.06% and ended at 149.41 Yen per dollar but didn’t reach the 150 YEN to US dollar today. But Euro was up 0.1% and Pound was up 0.04% against US dollar.


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