SEP 27. It’s not good time to spend money…

4 min readSep 28

So, crude oil prices are rallying with strong US dollar again and higher rate will be continued longer than expected. If this environment continues longer, who could be survived ?

For next 6 months, this ‘WHO WILL SURVIVE’ issue will be the global main topic. Seriously, we need to be ready for the hard times.

US stock market was mix ended. DJ Index was downed by 0.3%, S&P 500 Index was up 0.1% NASDAQ Index was downed by 0.3% today.

Same tunes continued in this week.

Mega Cap companies are struggling with higher-longer rate times. Old school stocks are in fear of recessions. High paid jobs are decreasing fast and low paid temporary jobs are increasing. It happens every single country in the world.

It’s the tragic consequences of NEO-LIBERALISM. In case of countries like China, we can call that as ‘TOTALITARIANISM.’

China is not a NEO-LIBERALISM country for sure…

Basically, same thing, small group of elites eats all… In the end, general consumers will be disappeared. Because normal people or general consumers will have no money to spend… Netflix, Apple, GM or Nestle… all companies must be warned of this apocalypse.

Apple was downed by 1.1%, Amazon was downed by 1.4%, MS was up 0.2% Tesla was downed 0.9%…

US dollar was up again. No Japanese intervention, No barriers at all. US Dollar Index was up another 0.5% today, ending at 106.70 points. Euro was downed 0.7%, UK Pound was downed another 0.2% against US dollar.

Japanese Yen ended at 149.60 yen per dollar, almost touched 150 Yen.. Still, no one came up front from Japan. It is a strange country… Surely, Japan is not the NEO-LIBERALISM country… Euro have touched 9-month low today but what they can do? ECB raised the rate two weeks ago.


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