SEP 25. So, who’s winning? Apple or Huawei?

4 min readSep 26

Strong US dollar continued today but US stock market seems getting out of the last week’s shock.

Chinese are trying to boost its economy with more detailed policies but as long as they manipulate the market, it won’t be easy this time. It’s 21st century, not 90’s anymore. When you lie, consumers and markets will notice that right away. China must be aware of this fact and be ready for that.

How many HUAWEI’s new smart phone, MATE 60 PRO been made and sold so far? Was it just another 90’s cheap propaganda?

US stock market was up today, recovered from last week’s downfall.

DJ Index was up 0.1%, S&P 500 Index was up 0.4% and NASDAQ Index was up 0.5% today. Not big, but at least not falling any more.

Asian markets were recovering a bit as well with China’s another economic boosting plan. However, markets were not so sure that recovering would be continued or not.

Apple was up 0.7%, Amazon was up 1.7%, MS was up 0.2% and Tesla was up 0.9% today. We need to watch out what China is going to do with their new boosting plans.

US dollar index was up again today. Index hit the highest since last November 2022. It was up 0.4%, ending at 105.96 points. Euro was downed by 0.6%, Pound was downed by 0.2% against US dollar.

Japanese Yen was the issue of the day. Yen hit the lowest in 11 months against US dollar. Finally, some government staffs showed some worries on weakened Yen today. Officially, still nothing really done by Japanese government. Who owned that country?

Crude oil prices were flat today. NYMEX Brent oil prices were up 2 cents, ending at $93.26 per barrel.


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