SEP 20. FOMC meeting and Putin’s last card.

3 min readSep 21, 2022

FOMC meeting started and the final decision will be opened by tomorrow.

So far, 0.75% increase is the most possible option for FED, still, about 20% possibility shows 1% or more rate hike is possible as well.

Sweden Central Bank raised the rate 1% today and announced more hike will be followed. Exactly the same steps with US FED which means US and other Western EU countries are worrying about the inflations more than any other economic issues. Understandable but feels, too much and too fast.

It looks like Russians are merging whole Eastern part of Ukraine, under the name of “The democratic vote”

Yes, it was the fact that they were losing this war and use the last card.

US and Global equity markets were down today.

DJ Index was downed by 1.1%, S&P 500 Index was downed by 1.0% and NASDAQ Index was downed by 0.5% today

Apple stock was up 1.6% but Amazon fell by 2.0%, MS fell by 0.9% and Tesla downed by 0.1%.

It could be better to fell before the FOMC result comes out in some way.

Let’s wait and see one more day.

Crude oil prices were downed once more, same reasons. Decreasing demands…

NYMEX Brent oil futures downed by 1.6% today, ending at $90.56 per barrel.

But the price is still locked between $90~$110 ranged box.

However, US Dollar Index jumped up 0.5% and ended at 110.04 points today.

FX value of US Dollar have been strengthened six weeks in a row now.

Looks like, It’ll be continued like this for a while.

In the agricultural market today, everything jumped up with double digits.

As expected, Russians supplied enough worries to the market today.

They might ended the export corridor program anytime soon.

Russians are going to merge whole Eastern Part of Ukraine to the Russia with “civilian democratic vote”

Russians killed thousands of Ukraine civilians already in that regions, survivors will choose the surviving option once more.

Export programs will be ended soon.

Everyone are watching closely what would happen in Ukraine for now in this industry.


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