SEP 19. Is USA in recession now?

4 min readSep 20

Concerns about US economies are growing fast recently. Huge personal debts, unstable local bank issues, commercial real-estate issues.. These points were well-covered under other issues so far. FED might suggest some directions to solve these concerns after this FOMC meeting, and that wouldn’t be pretty at all.

FED might ask more pains from American people for sure.

Anyway, everyone has their own issues and it’ll be painful to overcome.

Tomorrow afternoon, Mr. Powell might mention some more details. Let’s wait and see…

US stock market was ended with another consolidated mode.

DJ Index was downed by 0.3%, S&P 500 index was downed by 0.2% and NASDAQ index was also downed by 0.2% today.

Recently talks about possible recessions and local bank issues have been increased a lot. Another dooms day scenarios are circulating again these days.

Apple was up 0.6%, Amazon was downed by 1.7%, MS was downed by 0.1% but Tesla was up 0.5%

We need wait for tomorrow’s talk from FED.

US dollar Index was downed a bit once more today. US dollar index was downed by 0.05%, ended at 105.15 points.

Similar as US, Canada’s annual inflation is going up due to strong crude oil prices. So many other countries have same problems with higher oil prices. Any country who can solve this crisis with oil price could become a new global leader.

We know USA is not anymore, then who? China? They don’t even know where their defense minister is now. That’s the problem we have at the moment.

Euro was downed 0.1%, Japanese Yen was downed by 0.2% against US dollar. Japanese Yen hit the lowest in 10-month period against US dollar today…


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