OCT 13. Not every Chinese love Xi…

3 min readOct 13, 2022
There were some protest and placard saying “NO MORE, XI, NO MORE COVID LOCKDOWN, FREEDOM…”

CPI numbers for Sep was a bit higher than the expectations today.

USA’s Sep CPI was 8.2% year on year base, it was 8.3% in Aug.

Year on year based CPI has been downed for third straight months.

It was 9.5% in last June. Came down significantly, but still way too higher than FED’s target.

That means, FED will raise the rate once more in Nov 2nd, FOMC meeting.

Food and rent costs were those main factors of the strong inflations this time.

Job market in US started to tighten up now, more people lost their jobs and asking for unemployment claims.

However, US stock market rallied huge.

DJ Index was up by 2.7%, S&P 500 Index was up by 2.4% and NASDAQ was up by 2.0%.

Higher than expected CPI and it makes enough excuses for FED to raise the rate once more but stock markets jumped up today. Why? Because, stock traders were had heavy short positions prior to CPI report.

Apple was up 3.6%, MS was up by 3.9%, Tesla was up 2.2% but MS was downed by 0.2%.

And earnings report season is back again and their numbers might be better than people think.

That could be another reason for today’s rally.

US Dollar index was downed a bit further today. It was another big rally in the morning but late afternoon, fell fast US Dollar Index was downed by 0.7% and settled at 112.46 points today.

In the morning time, JPY hit the 34 years low 147.67 yen but later recovered a bit.




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