MAY 31. Cargill, exit from China?

4 min readMay 31

As expected, Chinese macro numbers were not good at all in May and it may not good later this year as well. USA’ PMI number was not good either in May. We’re in the real recession cycle.

China’s Manufacturing PMI in May was 48.8 points, mostly estimated around 49.2 points.

China’s composite PMI chart

NON Manufacturing PMI was 54.5 points, estimated 55.2 points. All PMI numbers were showing downhill.

USA’s PMI was 40.4 points, estimated 47.0 points and it was 48.6 points in April.

Yes, May number was surprisingly low.

Now, money is moving into SAFE HEAVEN assets once again and US Dollar maintained as one of SAFE HEAVENS.

US stock was downed today.

Poor economic macro numbers around the world put the market into the big pond of worries.

The biggest concern is that “ARE WE GOING TO BE BETTER SOON?” and the answer might be “NO”

DJ Index was downed by 0.8%, S&P 500 Index was downed by 0.8% and NASDAQ Index fell by 0.7% today.

One of FED governors mentioned today “ may be no rate hike in June but that wouldn’t mean the end of tapering “ We’ve heard so many times of this kind of speaking from so many bullies..

“ I wouldn’t slap you this time but that doesn’t mean our relationship is getting any better “

Apple fell 0.03%, Amazon was downed 0.9%, MS was downed by 0.9% but Tesla was up 1.4% today.

US dollar index ended at another strong day.

US Dollar Index was up 0.06%, ending at 104.23 points today.

US dollar have started much stronger but weird comments from FED governor pulled downed the market a bit from two months high later today.


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