MAY 30. Why Chinese stock markets collapsed?

3 min readMay 31

Biden and McCarthy have agreed on US Debt ceiling issue over the weekend but need to wait for the Congress vote. Chinese stock markets were collapsed with another possible economic macro retreat in May.

USA’s consumer confidence index was the lowest in 6 months, consumers’ 12-month inflation expectations dipped to 6.1% from 6.2% last month.

Russia have bombed Ukraine’s the biggest grain export port, Odessa and Moscow have been attacked by drone once again.

US stock ended with mixed ending today after the long weekend.

US debt ceiling issue might have been ended with the agreement between Biden and McCarthy over the weekend but everyone know that they would have agreed anyway any way.

DJ Index was downed by 0.2%, S&P 500 Index was almost no changed and NASDAQ Index was up 0.2% today.

NVIDIA have rallied once again and became as same level as GOOGLE with total stock value.

Apple’s stock price was up 1.1%, MS was downed 0.5%, Amazon was up 1.3% and Tesla was up 4.1%.

Chinese stock markets were collapsed big as HK’s Hang Seng Index was downed by 6.5% and CSI 300 index was downed by 5.0%. This collapse could means a lot to the world.

US Dollar Index slipped a bit today. Index was downed by 0.2% ending at 104.06 points.

Index had been rallied into 10 week’s high in early trading this morning but downed later in the afternoon.

Euro was up 0.1%, Pound was up 0.3% and Japanese Yen was up 0.4% against US Dollar today. US dollar’s strong value have been continued today with strong backup from US government.

It seems, strong dollar could continue for a while.


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