MAY 25. NVIDIA can be the center of AI industry?

4 min readMay 25

It seems like China is focusing on chips and EV but USA is more focusing on AI now.

It will be another war between these two great powers, and it might develop into the new types of cultural war.

What kind of knowledges and learning process would take for AI?These AI s will be bilingual? Will it have a religion? What would be their favored race or sex?

A lot of things to solve and a war has started already.

Now, NVIDIA is rallying and becoming a kind of symbol for USA’s AI industry.

Yes, understandable, USA and Western countries need their shining star and that could be NVIDIA. However, is NVIDIA a representative of pure soul of Western Cultures?

Can it be an APPLE and Mr. Jobs in AI world?

Let’s wait and see about that…

US stock markets were recovering from damages done by US politicians today.

It seems like Biden and Republicans are ready to make a deal over the weekend finally. So, US equity markets were up today…It wasn’t healthy recovery, but market was up, at least.

DJ Index was up 0.04%, S&P 500 Index was up 1.1% and NASDAQ index was up 1.9% today. NVIDIA was a leading role whole day as the representative of global AI industry.

It will be bigger than APPLE in stock values anytime soon.

But, let’s be honest, APPLE became the biggest and still the best IT company, representing a kind of new era with APPLE CUSTOMERS around the world, NOT a bunch of politicians and bankers.

NVIDIA can be an APPLE in AI industry? Too early to conclude anything now.

Apple was up 0.7%, Amazon was up 1.5%, MS was up 3.9% and Tesla was up 0.9% today.

US dollar Index was rallying again with good news about debt ceiling deals and recovering US stock markets.


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