MAY 24. USA is losing hegemoni…

4 min readMay 24

US politicians failed to make progress on US debt ceiling issue, meantime, China and Russia have signed on bunch of more economical bonds between two countries, Congo decided to give more portions of Copper and Cobalt to China. Two great countries are making noises everywhere.

USA is becoming outcast fast these days…

US stock markets have been downed one more days as US politicians failed to make agreement on debt ceiling issues. It seems like US is losing its momentum to stand as the good example of overcome inflations.

Money players can notice these kind of changes so easily.

DJ index was downed by 0.8%, S&P 500 Index was downed by 0.8% and NASDAQ index was downed by 0.9% today. Debt issue is becoming serious country risk quickly.

Apple was up by 0.2%, Amazon was up 1.5% but MS was downed by 0.5% and Tesla was downed by 1.5% today.

Chinese are not doing any better either but they’re going in same direction, at least, which USA is not.

US Dollar Index was up 0.3% again, ending at 103.83 points, which has been the highest in 2 months.

Money is getting into the US Dollar market once again and becoming a kind of safe heaven assets.

It’s a kind of irony to see that because of debt ceiling issue, pushing US Dollar’s position as safe heaven assets once again. British Pound was downed 0.2% against US dollar today as their inflation rate was not getting any better.

Gold price was downed by 0.8% today and ended at $1,959.40 per Oz.

Crude oil prices were rallying once more today. Two factors and it was more fundamental this time.


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