MAY 19. What G7 can do about Russia and China?

4 min readMay 20

There were some changes but mostly expected and global markets have moved as expected.

US debt ceiling talk halted today between two political parties as expected. Politicians are not easy people to deal with anyway and they need any kind of attention every time. But, at the end, they’ll agree on debt ceiling issues because there is NO TRUMP now.

In G7 meeting in Japan, those so called WORLD LEADERS talked about two things..

The first one is MORE SANCTIONS OVER RUSSIA…ok, they can do over easy Russians anyway. But, it seems like Putin is not going to end the war easily because they don’t have enough money to compensate the war anyway. They will go for the end unless US and others agree on certain terms.

The second one is “ STABLE & CONSTRUCTIVE “ relations with CHINA, based on their own interest. This means how those WORLD LEADER are so weak over CHINA… cowards but understandable actions.

Anyway, they don’t have enough capacity to deal with China by their own, economically or psychologically..

Similar stances when you see a physically strong, bully rich classmate in your middle school days… No one really liked him but afraid to be away from… Understandable…

Overall.. It was understandable and expectable Friday.

US stock market was downed today because of debt ceiling talk has been halted and Mr, Powell has warned about the inflations.

DJ Index was downed by 0.3%, S&P 500 Index was downed by 0.1% and NASDAQ Index was downed by 0.2% today. US equity markets needed a kind of technical easy time as well.

Apple was up 0.07%, Amazon was downed by 1.6%, MS was downed by 0.06% and Tesla was up by 1.8% today.

Politicians will agree on debt ceiling at the end anyway but the bullish impact from this issue had been used up this week anyway.


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