MAY 18. Can Japan discharge radiation contaminated water into Pacific Sea? Because they were the first atomic bomb victim?

4 min readMay 18

G7 meeting have started at Hiroshima in Japan. They will talk about a lot of agendas. They need to talk about unpredictable Russians and their war, how to stop.

They need to talk about new forms of global economic structures, including how to deal with China. (Seriously, do they have economic capacity to talk about China?)

Let’s see how they’re sorting out.

Why Hiroshima for G7 meeting?

It was a total irony that the first atomic bombed country was Japan and Japan, actually is discharging radioactive contaminated sea water to the Pacific.

Can we call that atomic bomb revenge to the world? And Japan held G7 meeting in Hiroshima and talk about the future? Funny world it is…

By the way, USA is talking with Chinese directly about more trade now.

US stock market was rallying one more day with more hope for the better tomorrow.

DJ Index was up 0.4%, S&P 500 Index was up 1.0% and NASDAQ Index was up 1.6%. OK.. So, it looks like US politicians have agreed on some debt ceiling issues for now,

So what? Are US consumers going to spend more money to the market? Are US companies going to hire more people and raise the salary? But, still, it was a good news to rally the market. That’s all…

USA is in early stage of recession cycles. Everyone knows that but not many people admit it.

Apple was up 1.4%, MS was up 1.4%, Amazon was up 2.3% and Tesla was up 1.7%.

Be careful with another big downturns.

US dollar index rallied again and hit the 2 months high today. US dollar index was up another…


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