MAR 17. “Russians armed forces don’t bomb town and cities in Ukraine”

3 min readMar 17, 2022

Russians know how to play with the world for sure. But ironically, it could mean this war might be the very last stage to the end.

Russians are bombing everywhere in Ukraine, killing civilians and destroying all possible industrial facilities. And then, a Russian spokeswoman said “Russian armed forces don’t bomb towns and cities in Ukraine” This is an amazing comment and will be engraved into history forever.

Because of this Russian tantrum, crude oil price jumped back into the $100 level again and the grain market surged. It looks like the financial market showed more calm today.

Brent oil futures chart

European equity markets were recovered today, follow-through from the US market surge yesterday. US equity market hasn’t fallen off, they even advanced up a bit.

Futures market for Energy items

Brent oil futures surged more than 9% today, ending at $107.40 per barrel today. USD Index fell 0.7%, closed at 97.797 points. Gold rose 0.7%, ending at $1,941.55 per ounce.

DJ Index chart (3/11~3/17)

In US equity market, DJ Index up 0.88%, S&P 500 up 0.99% and NASDAQ up 1.08%. This is purely a relief rally from yesterday’s FOMC numbers. Apple up 0.24%, Amazon up 2.65% and Tesla was up 4.04% today.

Other parts of the world are in chaos, workers in Argentine, Brazil, and Spain are on strikes, and even Canadian CP rail workers are on strike. Sri Lanka will be in IMF mode and some more poor countries are going to ask IMF for help soon. Chinese are in total stealth mode with their COVID19 situations and world logistic problems continue.

Inflation for the poor working class is heavier than high-income class.




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