JUN 27. A human can beat the bear?

3 min readJun 28, 2022

It’s been only a week since the stock market rallied and commodity prices adjusted a bit with the fear of recessions.

Now, people are talking about the possible softening of inflations…

Please… It’s too early to talk about that.

Which one is more fearful? Recessions or Inflation

US stocks retreated today with some selling pressures from the short-term profit takes but not too much.

DJ fell 0.2%, S&P was downed by 0.3% and NASDAQ fell 0.7%.

But Pan European STOXX 600 was up 0.5% and MSCI’s index was up 0.3%.

Apple was up 0.2% but MS was downed by 1.1&, Amazon was downed by 2.8%, and Tesla was downed by 0.3%.

The first half of the year 2022 is in the last week and then we’ll face the earning report season for the main stocks around the world. Guess, what’s going to happen to those numbers…

The worst nightmare is coming soon.

The crude oil rallied 1.7% today with more sanctions on Russian oil. Brent oil ended up at $115. 09 per barrel.

Brent oil futures chart

But we need to see how the talks between Iran and US/EU over their nuclear weapons. It’ll be the next big swing point for the oil price.

The US Dollar index was downed by 0.06% today but US bond’s yield was up a bit, ending at 3.19% for the 10-year notes.

As mentioned, it’s way too early to talk about any softening of inflations in the USA.

Chicago Futures Market, grain/oilseeds

In the agricultural markets, corn and wheat were downed but soybean groups recovered well today.




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