JUN 13. US stock market will rise after Russia lose this war…

4 min readJun 13, 2022

It was shocking CPI numbers last Friday and investors expected a big bear market this week. It happened today.

Europeans and US Stock markets have collapsed, and US Dollar index hit the highest in 20 years.

However, we need to consider some more points from here. 1) Chinese are in recessions for sure. It seems like they are using COVID as their excuse for bad economies. Because of this, they are going to lockdown Shanghai and Beijing again sooner or later. 2) Russians are winning in Ukraine now. They are not afraid of the US or any other western European countries because India and China are backing them up strongly. 3) OPEC+ and other oil-producing countries are not going to cooperate with US and allies on the current high oil price issue. They need money to recover from the COVID damages and they know the US is not that rich neighbor anymore. 4) the US has a lot of enough domestic issues now. They need to control their guns and most of all, they need to do something about their former president… Is he going to be in jail? Or is he going to be the next president?

Adding all these? Total uncertainties…

Today, DJ was downed by 3.2%, S&P 500 index was downed by 4.2%, and NASDAQ was downed by 4.9%.

Apple was downed by 3.8%, MS was downed by 4.2%, Amazon was downed by 5.5% and Tesla was downed by 7.1% today. Europeans STOXX 600 fell 2.4%, Chinese CSI 300 fell 1.2%, NIKKEI fell 3.0% and KOSPI was downed by 3.5%.

Inflations and the Recession are happening simultaneously, globally. That’s the big problem we are facing at.

Brent oil futures prices surged 0.2%, ending at $122.24 per barrel today, not much but went up because of the Russians. They are actually winning the war in…




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