JUN 01. China, USA, EU…all not that good…

3 min readJun 1
EU’s PMI in not that good either.

New month started and global markets are looking for a different direction.

US House of Representatives have passed their debt ceiling extension as expected.

USA’s macro numbers in manufacturing was not that good at all as expected.

US FED, once again, mentioned that they might not raise the rate in June…

So, what was the new input to the markets?

The only big difference from the yesterday, might be the calendar difference only.. New month have started and money needs new plan to move.

US stock market was up with these market factors but once again, what’s the news? Those factors were known and seems been affected already.

DJ index was up 0.6%, S&P 500 index was up 0.8% and NASDAQ index was up 0.9% today. While US FED is saying NO RATE HIKE this time, Europeans are saying the opposite thing.

ECB have officially mentioned today that they will raise the rate in June to cover their inflations.

Apple was up 1.6%, Amazon was up 1.8%, MS was up 1.3% and Tesla was up 1.8%.

Not that big surge after the confirmed of US debt ceiling issue, right?

US Dollar Index was falling hard today after the confirmation of these factors.

US debt ceiling, ECB will raise the rate but US FED wouldn’t..etc etc..

US dollar Index was downed by 0.5% and ended at 103.58 points today. It was big fall but necessary one to prepare the another rally.

Euro was up 0.5%, Pound was up 0.5% against US dollar today. Gold was up 1.0%, ended at $1,982.03 per Oz as dollar falls.


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