JUL 19. Iran and Russia finally met…

3 min readJul 20, 2022

It was another very much similar trade pattern as yesterday. It’s the perfect week for the profit taking or preparing what will happen next week, FOMC meeting week.

FED will raise the rate 0.75% or 1.0% and will tighten the money supply line more to kill the inflation regardless of what people are saying.

European Central Bank is going to raise the rate by 0.5% this time, much higher than market expectation. Same stories in the EU. The exchange rate of the Euro against the US Dollar surged more than 1% today and the European stocks market rallied big.

STOXX 600 index rallied 1.4% and MSCI’s global index also surged big, 1.9%.

US Dollar Index fell more than 0.6%, ending at 106.70 points today and the crude oil price jumped again.

Perfect preparation for the next week.

US stocks market also rallied big today with much better earnings reports than the market expectations. But we’d better to cautious “ Better than the market expectations “ it doesn’t say “ Good earning number “

DJ was up 2.2%, S&P 500 index was up by 2.6% and the NASDAQ index was up by 2.9% today.

Big tech firms showed big improvements in their stock prices. Apple was up by 2.5%, MS was up by 1.8%, Amazon was up by 3.7% and Tesla was up 1.8% today.

Be careful, once the analyst changes their opinions about “ Better than the market expectations “ the stock market can be turned into a blood bath once again.


Crude oil price jumped another 1.1% today, Brent oil futures ended at $107.35 per barrel today.

Any big fundamental changes? Not much, OPEC+ members will enjoy these inflated oil prices as much as they can, they have no will to produce more oils…




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