JAN 25. Time to chnage the view…

3 min readJan 26, 2023

It’s the strange world we’re living now. Inflations and recessions are happening at the same time. Young people can’t find good decent job positions but the job market is getting hot.

Central banks are raising the rate just to damage their existing systems. We need a kind of new paradigm to look into our money systems, how we need to live.

Year 2023, could be a year of big changes in many ways.

US Stock markets retreated more today but not much. DJ Index was downed by 0.1%, S&P 500 Index was downed 0.2% and NASDAQ index fell 0.3%

Big companies are keep reporting their earnings and generally looks ok for now But when they share their views about the futures, everything goes into dark.

That’s why we’re seeing fairly good earnings reports but the market is not that exiting at all. So far, S&P 500 index is up by 4% in this year and NASDAQ 100 Index is up 7%.

All these expansions were coming from the hope of Chinese recovering and cut down the rate by FED. Big problem is that the current rallies were all based on the hopes, not real numbers.

Apple was downed by 0.5%, MS was downed by 0.6%, Amazon was up 0.9% and Tesla was up 0.4%.

US Dollar Index was downed once more, fell another 0.3% and settled at 101.65 points. For past 2 weeks, currency markets have a very much similar tones every day.

Something like “ USA will be recession soon, EU and Japan are doing much better than US.. Chinese are recovering fast “ daily themes are different but the core is same…” US DOLLAR is getting weaker “

Let’s see about that.

Crude oil market was weaker but not much. Based on NYMEX Brent oil futures, market downed by 1 cent and settled at…




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