JAN 11. Kind of inflations from China

3 min readJan 12, 2023

Two main driven factors are moving the global markets this week.

The first one is the perception that US FED is not going to raise the rate a lot this year. The second one is the people’s illusion that Chinese economy will be getting better any time soon.

Any financial decisions based on these two factors might cause serious short term troubles. Because, US FED is not going to let the rate loose from their hands anytime soon. Even annual CPI shows under 6%, FED will be in their usual hawkish positions.

Because, It seems like Chinese are trying to do something to the markets and covering their poor conditions. Let’s wait and see

US stocks market was rallying again. DJ Index was up 0.8%, S&P 500 Index was up 1.3% and NASDAQ Index was up 1.8%.

Two factors as mentioned above. ‘No more big step rate increasing’ perception make everyone in comfortable positions But we have to think again, why FED would do that now?

Big IT stocks were rallying again. Apple was up 2.1%, MS was up 3.0%, Amazon was up 5.8% and Tesla was up 3.7%




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