[01/10] US T-Bond yield hit the highest in 2 years' time. Inflation data will be out this week. Equity market downed but not too much at the end. In the morning, all indexes were under heavy selling, falling more than 2% but later on the day, recovered quick. DJ fell 0.46%, S&P downed 0.13% and surprisingly NASDAQ fell only 0.08%. OMICRON spread hit the world over the weekend. US have more than 700K, France is about 300K and most of trusted data gathering countries are showing fast growing numbers. It’s not good at all. Crude oil price was falling as well. Brent oil fell 88 cents per barrel, ended at $80.87. It was recess time. In Ag market today. Chinese have not bought any more US beans over the weekend. There were some heavy rains on Southern part of Brazil last night. More rain forecast was bailed out for Argentine and Southern Brazil next week, during Jan 18~Jan 20th periods. This makes Ag market in different shapes totally, but many people are saying that it’s too late for the crops. Let’s see, beside of all these, USDA WASDE report will be out on this coming Wednesday anyway. Korean feed millers were moving quick last night, covering some corn positions front of USDA report which is fully understandable moves in this such a difficult market situation. Chicago corn market downed 1.1%, Soybean market downed 1.8% and soybean meal market fell 2%… It was big down fall day.



Trying every day, engraving what we’ve been through

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