FEB 21. So, China is putting another $17 billion to the market…

4 min readFeb 22, 2024

Chinese have lowered their rate yesterday by 0.25% and approved $ 17 BILLION dollar worth of loans for their property development. It seems like Chinese government is preparing something more.

China’s CSI 300 index was up 1.4% and Hang Seng Index was also up 0.6%. So, are they going to be back alive? It’s too early to say anything yet.

Meantime, US announced new economic sanctions on Russia for the death of Alexi Navalny. European Natural Gas price was up 11% today.

Israelis are bombing heavily again on Gaza’s Rafah area. So far, over 29,000 Palestine people died in Gaza. Israelis reject every peace proposal and still, American will send them money and guns.

Another peaceful Wednesday?

US stock markets were tumbled all day long.

All three indexes were downed at the beginning but later, recovered fast. DJ Index was up 0.1%, S&P 500 index was up 0.02% but NASDAQ index was downed by 0.4%.

FED’s FOMC meeting note opened today and as expected, FED is really worrying about the early rate cut but agreed that US need to cut down the rate. Big question is WHEN..

Apple was up by 0.4%, Amazon was up by 0.9%, Tesla was up 0.5% but MS was downed by 0.2%

US dollar Index was downed by 0.07%, ending at 104.00 points.

Chinese are now so desperate to revive their economics, spending big money to the markets. Is it going to be big impact? Not So sure yet but it’ll shake the global markets for a while. Chinese allowed 17 BILLION DOLLARS of loan to their property markets.

Euro was up 0.1% and Pound was up 0.1% against US Dollar today.

Japanese Yen was downed 0.2%, ended at 150.21 Yen per dollar today. Bank of Japan did nothing, just mentioned once again ‘ watching the market very closely.’




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