DEC 30. The end of the year 2022…

4 min readDec 31, 2022

It was the last trading of the year 2022 and it was just another gloomy day.

WHO pushed Chinese government once again to open all necessary information about COVID status in China. China doesn’t mention anything as usual.

UK, France, Spain and Malaysia joined the list of countries demanding negative COVID test result for travelers from China. Can you call that ‘discrimination’?

A year ago, German government sent official letter to China, requesting easy on COVID controls of all commercial vessels and flight entering China. Mandatory 14 days of waiting caused huge logistic problems around the world.

By that time periods, anyone traded goods from China or transshipped there had nightmares of huge delays and cost increase. How could they say ‘discrimination’? This kind of isolation has been caused totally by Chinese government.

US stock markets ended the lower on the last trading day of the year. Recently, bonds yield were raising fast which could mean that money is moving out of the equity markets to the more safe places. Better bond and Gold are could be the next safe havens for sure.

DJ Index fell 0.2%, S&P 500 Index was downed by 0.3% and NASDAQ index was downed by 0.1% today. Not much and it was very thin volume but down ended anyway.

Apple was up 0.3% with Tesla’s 1.1% recovering but MS fell 0.5% and Amazon fell 0.2% as well.

New year will be started next week and it’ll be another difficult year for the most of the people around the world.

However, most of companies are good and sound conditions and they will make better world with healthy workers and reasonable consumers together.

US Dollar Index was downed another 0.3% today and settled the year at 103.49 points. It was more than 10% of slid from the top in September but still managed to gain 7.8% over the year and that’s the first time since 2015.




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