DEC 30

[12/30] Well, big wave of COVID-19 hit the world every day. Over 300K people were confirmed in USA alone and almost 200K in France, other countries were following. Not good at all but stocks market are going up again on the last trading day of 2021. DJ and S&P 500 set up the new highest record number today. DJ up 0.7%, S&P up 0.16% and NASDAQ up 0.5%. Today’s excuse for the strong equity market was the fall of weekly jobless claims in USA. Well, please, this is excuse only. In 2021, DJ Index were up 19% from the 1st trading day of Jan and to the last trading day of 2021, which is today. S&P 500 were up 29% and NASDAQ were up 23% That’s big surge. Crude oil market retreated a bit today due to China’s decision. They decided to decrease the import quota of crude oil for the first quarter of 2022. They will decide what to do later for the remaining quarter of 2022 later. That was the only reason for today’s bearish move for the crude oil market. Brent oil fall 27 cents today, settled at $78.96 per barrel for ending 2021. In Ag market, everything were fall down hard. Yes, you guessed right. There were some rains over those drought regions on Southern Brazil. Not so sure how much got better for this late rains but still better than nothing. Don’t forget it is weather market. Harvest started for Brazilian soybeans and early soybean yields are actually good!! Those 2 factors were main reasons for dragging Ag market hard for this last trading day of 2021. Everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR and be healthy. That’s the most important virtue of the people. Because health is the most expensive virtue for humans these days. Thank you!!




Trying every day, engraving what we’ve been through

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Trying every day, engraving what we’ve been through

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