APR. 21. Shocking TESLA earnings report…what’s going to happen on the next report?

3 min readApr 22, 2022

Mr. Powell did announce big in his IMF speech today.

He mentioned that the “0.5% rate will be raised next FOMC meeting and will keep going up from there “

Tesla Stock Price chart

US Stock market collapsed after his speech and the bond yield rate hit the high gear. Although there’s nothing new about his speech, he’s the chairman of FED anyway.

DJ was down 1.05%, S&P 500 Index was down 1.48% and NASDAQ Index was down 2.07% today. Wallstreet reversed totally on TURN AROUND THURSDAY with Mr. Powell’s speech.

Big IT stocks such as Apple and others fell hard today, except Tesla. Apple was downed 0.5%, Micro-Soft was downed 1.9%, Amazon was down 3.7% and Netflix was down 3.5% today. Tesla was up 3.2%.


As all we know, Tesla’s earnings report numbers were shocking. Revenue surged up 81% from the last quarter and the net profit jumped up 7 times from a year ago. So, what’d you expect for their next quarter?

Tesla’s stock price has been raised 41% past a year and at the same period of time, S&P 500 has been up 7%

Nestle, Danone, United Air, and American Air, all showed much better numbers for the first quarter.

They were able to accomplish the gains while raising the prices and have not seen any kinds of demand destructions so far. But US retail data already shows that consumers have begun cutting back on their spending amid high inflations.

USD Index was up 0.2%, ended at 100.53 points after Mr. Powell’s speech and the 10-year T-Note yield also jumped to 2.908%.

Brent oil futures Chart

Crude oil prices surged 1.5% today, Brent oil futures market ended at $108.33 per barrel.


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