APR 14. Are we in a world war?

4 min readApr 15, 2022

China will finally start to ease its COVID restrictions, starting next week from Hongkong. Let’s see how fast they will spread this unrestricting this time.

US and European countries are preparing everything for the much longer Russian invasion. As mentioned yesterday, Good Friday week was a critical timeline for the peace talk, but as you may know, Russians were talking about possible nuclear weapons use in this war today.

That is a huge threat to the world.

US Stock market ended at a big retreat today because of the long weekend and huge open uncertainties this coming Good Friday weekend.

No market for tomorrow in US and EU. No market next Monday in the EU.


Finally, the Chinese are going to ease their restrictions starting next week. Hongkong will be the first major city but still, no one knows how fast they are going to ease those big cities.

It seems like they have to unrestricted them ASAP otherwise the whole country will lose the momentum to recover their economy.

Today, the Chinese Central Bank announced that commercial banks can utilize more money in the market.

China decided that they need more money to get its healthy economic system back to work.

The total opposite way of the USA.

It’s not right to compare these two systems like this but look, one country is spreading more money to the market and the other country is sucking up the money at the same time. Who’d be the winner?

China’s Real GDP growth this year would not be higher than 4% which means they are dying.

Their GDP growth numbers have to be at least more than 5% every year so they can feed their rural people and restructure their society bit by bit.

So, they need money and energy sources desperately.

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