DEC 10

[12/10] Nov Consumer Price Index of US rose 8.9% and that is the highest monthly up in 39 years. FED will do something about this next week, tightening more, raise the rate sooner. US Dollar weakened but global equity market actually up today. USD Index fell 0.157%. DJ up 0.6%, S&P up 0.15% and NASDAQ up 0.7% today. Apple and MS, those IT big names lead another rally today. The biggest inflations in 40 years' time are happening now but stock markets are raising up day by day. Who can explain this with classic old economic thesis? But it’s happening as the fact, we have to accept this as reality, right? Another question for every Apple lover. China is the world second biggest Apple loving country after USA. Can you believe this? Why do they hate US so much but buying that expensive Apple products in crazy mode? Have you seen video clips when Apple launched I-phone 13 in China a few months ago? OK, Let’s saying that Chinese are so value oriented consuming people, that’s why they spend a lot of money for Apple products. Really big question is that why Chinese government is allowing Apple, the biggest US IT company, sucking off all their people’s money? They are the people who remove their own IT company because they didn’t like the owner. Is Apple really protect the personal information of their Chinese customers? We’ve seen those IT lies from FACEBOOK, YAHOO, MS and GOOGLE, why not Apple? Crude oil up again. Brent oil surged another 73 cents today, ending this week as $75.17 per barrel. Crude oil recorded 8% of weekly gain this week, that’s the biggest weekly gains since last Aug. Who brought in OMICRON issue into the market and recorded the biggest short-term volatility of this year? In Ag market, just choppy Friday type move. Corn downed a bit with soybean oil and all others up a bit. Soybean oil downed another 2.1% today, we all know why, funds are throwing off every long they have in soybean oil futures market. Another rumor comes out from Ukraine, they sold another couple of million tons of corn to China this week. Really? If that’s all true, China bought about almost 15M MT of Ukraine corn in less than two months period. Why do they have to do that? They still have about 10M MT of US corn to ship out…Well, same as Apple mysteries, who knows. Only possible scenario could be that some connection with Chinese own GMO corn implementation for commercial use. If you are Chinese made Lysine buyer and that lysine are made of Chinese own GMO developed corn varieties, would you buy that? Do you remember about 5 years ago, when Chinese rejected one unregistered GMO corn variety mixed cargo? Do you remember how many Ag traders disappeared because of that incident? They are up to something for sure. It’s raining, not snowing Friday afternoon here in Midwest. COVID confirmed cases in USA today are still over 120K and died about 1,300 people. Please, have another safe weekend and let’s be happy.




Trying every day, engraving what we’ve been through

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Trying every day, engraving what we’ve been through

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